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We help companies build highly engaging products using design and AI.


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What we do.

At Takt Digital we unlock the power of artificial intelligence to provide solutions to the media and entertainment industry's most complex digital problems.

Our core background in media software development and user-centered design yields a true understanding of our client's needs.

We journey with you through innovation, thoughtful design and careful engineering to help you get to the next chapter of your business.

Our Clients

Our Team

  Bharat Krish   CEO  |  Strategy  |  BD

Bharat Krish

CEO  |  Strategy  |  BD

  Rafi Ahmed   CTO  |  Technology  |  AI

Rafi Ahmed

CTO  |  Technology  |  AI

  Alberto Orsini   CDO  |  Design  |  UX

Alberto Orsini

CDO  |  Design  |  UX