We solve digital complexities in simple ways

We turn digital complexities into simple solutions.

At Takt Digital, we build strategy and software applications by leveraging our extensive media and technology background, an undeniable affinity for design, and a user centered focus.

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Our philosophy.

We work hard on ensuring that any product we build satisfies what we've defined as a successful balance of four core values.



We not only begin with the regular requirements gathering, but Discovery is a repeated part of our process. We revisit by fast prototyping and doing continuous focus group tests using Design Sprint principles.


Thoughtful design is key to connecting with an audience, solving business needs and communicating product value. We take an obsessive approach with design to create products that deliver on that value and delights users.


Beyond using the latest frameworks, or adapting to current trends, technology runs deep in our DNA. We take pride in our ability to engineer solid products, while also adapting to new available technologies for the future.


In a cloud based era no self-contained product can succeed. We build directly to the cloud ensuring that our products can enjoy exponential growth in user adoption without skipping a beat.


“Good design goes to heaven; Bad design goes everywhere”

— Mieke Gerritzen